We climb to Palamidi counting the steps one by one!

The Venetian castle of Nafplion, a trademark of the Greeks’ struggle for freedom, combines a uniquely impressive view, endless romance and vivid images of the past, deservingly earning a place among the most attractive destinations in Greece.

The most representative monument of the city of Nafplion symbolizes its physiognomy and history. Perhaps the most beautiful Venetian castle in Greece was built at the beginning of the 18th century in just three years, while its size testified to the importance the city had for the Venetians. During the years of the Ottoman Empire, one of its bastions was turned into a prison. Symbolically one night in November 1822 the rebelling Greeks rushed into the castle to capture it, thus giving it a strong, symbolic meaning. Palamidi became synonymous with the return of Nafplio to Greek hands and with the central position that the city was to occupy as the first capital of the Greek state.

Today, Nafplio, just 2 hours by car from Athens, is one of the top destinations for romantic weekend getaways. In order to fully experience Nafplio, you must visit the castle which, from 216m. offers a unique view of the city and the Argolic gulf. Ideally you will dare to climb the 999 steps (according to legends). Actually 857 lead to the castle and over 1,000 to the top of the hill.

In Palamidi, two bastions stand out: Miltiadis, where the hero of the Greek revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis, was later imprisoned, accused of treason, and Agios Andreas, which was also used as a prison. Inside the bastion there is a vaulted, cylindrical church, where the feast of St. Andreas, in memory of the service that took place when the Greeks occupied Palamidi ending the Ottoman rule.

But what you will remember in Palamidi, beyond the architecture and the size of the castle, is the panoramic view of Nafplion and the Argolic Gulf, which you will enjoy if you visit it.

Source: discovergreece.com