Nafplio or Anapli, the capital of the prefecture of Argolis, is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Greece. In addition to being an administrative center, it is also an important tourist center, with constant traffic throughout the year. According to mythology, the city owes its name to the settler of Nafplion, son of the god Poseidon and Amymone. In ancient times, Nafplio was essentially in the shadow of Argos, serving as its port from the 7th century BC.
The city of Nafplio, Napoli di Romania of the Venetians, was formed mainly from the years of the First Venetian rule, when, towards the end of the 15th century, the lower city was formed by artificial alluvium in the sea, which is identified with the current historical center of Nafplion. Until then, the habitation was essentially limited to the rock of Akronaflia. Great works of the first Venetian rule are the Castle of Toroni and Mpourtzi.
The city reached the peak of its prosperity when it became the capital of the Greek state, from 1827 to 1834. On January 8, 1828, the first governor of modern Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, landed in Nafplion. At that time, there were mainly coffee houses in the city, while in the living rooms of the distinguished families dance parties and literary evenings took place.
On September 27, 1831, Kapodistrias was assassinated outside the church of Agios Spyridon, and on January 25, 1833, the people of Nafplio welcomed the first king of Greece, Otto, who remained in the city for a short time, until the end of 1834, when the capital of the Greek state was moved to Athens.

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