Lets go to Nafplio, the city you can’t get enough of walking around!

Wherever you find yourself, in the center admiring the Venetian architecture or on the beach taking leisurely walks, you will find that the old town of Nafplion is the perfect romantic escape – just 2 hours from Athens.

When we talk about romantic getaways in Greece, one city automatically comes to mind: Nafplio, the “Naples of the East” as the Venetians called it, built on a small promontory in the Peloponnese, in the Argolic Gulf.

Spending a day in the old town of Nafplio is like experiencing a re-enactment of the most important events of modern Greek history. The first capital of the Greek state after liberation from the Turks was the place of enthronement of the first King and the place where the first governor of the country was assassinated.

At the same time, many elements around you testify to Venetian influences. You will feel it strongly in the fortresses of the city, such as in the unique Palamidi, up to the ice cream that you will enjoy while walking in the narrow, cobbled streets.

Nafplio has a special, fascinating story to tell its visitors through all that it offers: elegant taverns serving local cuisine, atmospheric monuments, neoclassical mansions. Enjoy Nafplio too, plan to visit the city’s monuments. Alternatively, let the road take you to its beautiful and historic corners. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure… you will fall in love with this city!

Source: discovergreece.com